Content Management

Full independence
No code
Less resources

Mix and

Easily design product-focused content grids, galleries, or layouts in custom formats

Edit and update your layouts quickly, simply, and as often as you need to.


Seamlessly integrate Live Story with Magento 2, Shopify and Salesforce Commerce Cloud to get the best of both platforms.

Live Story will automatically render an SEO-optimized version of your layouts and allow you full independence in execution.

See our SFCC integration.

See our Magento 2 integration.

Measure Success The Best

Live Story™ implements familiar, easy-to-use tools to gauge and monitor the performance of influencer content integrated into your platforms.

Live Story is integrated with THRON, the intelligent Digital Asset Manager platform

Less friction, more innovation

We are integrated with THRON, the intelligent Digital Asset Management platform.

Now you can effortlessly use those digital assets to design layouts with Live Story. And there’s more to it: thanks to this integration, we’ve got you covered on WCAG accessibility guidelines, too. Piece of cake.


See here our THRON connector.

Digital Campaigns

Activate your strategy

See, Point, Shop

Employ image recognition for consumers to engage with and purchase the content all around them

Leveraging Influencers Customer as brand ambassadors

Create actionable, product-forward mood walls to guide consumers toward conversion or engagement

New product launch
Seasonal messaging Promotions

A robust and interactive platform for your promotional and seasonal messaging to come to life

Live Events

Activate Engagement

Live walls at events Live broadcasting

Execute and connect live social walls on your digital channels

Share a brand #
Influencers from the event

Collect and aggregate users and influencer content from events and other live experiences

Seize the Moment... to Shop

Make content and product from live events immediately traceable and shoppable