Case Study 05 Fashion

C.P. Company

The challenge for our 50th anniversary celebration was to create an immersive environment to deep dive in the storytelling. Thanks to Live Story we kicked off the project seamlessly.


Founded by Massimo Osti in 1971, C.P. Company is a signature hybridization of archival military, work and sportswear, combining them with intensely researched, cutting-edge, Italian fabric innovation.


This year C.P. Company celebrates its 50th anniversary. The brand decided to celebrate the origins of sportswear through an intense program of authentic collaborations, community initiatives and respectful homage to five decades of garment innovation. This operation needed a place where it could be properly showcased.


With Live Story, they were able to create a site-in-site. With the help of the design firm LOstudio, C.P. Company created a series of experiences dedicated to collaboration drops and exclusive content. A proper celebration of the brand’s history.