Case Study 02 Retail


An engaging user experience is a must, even if you sell electronics. Live Story helped us to maximize Euronics’ culture of service and fulfil our online customer expectations


Euronics is the leading consumer electronics retail group in the EMEA and CIS regions, representing independent retailers in 35 countries with more than 8,500 outlets, bringing innovative electrical products to consumers via a universal omni-channel approach.


Euronics focuses on the consumer’s needs by providing the best service possible, whether it is an online or offline experience. An exceptional brand experience is the best way to avoid commoditization and drive business success. But the concern was how to build a future-ready, comprehensive content strategy online.


Live Story cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud significantly accelerated content creation by offering the Euronics’ team an unparalleled mix of speed and flexibility. Numerous articles can be added per month, each one with the ability to be customized with no technical resources required, which is ideal at scale.