Case Study 08 Sport


Our story is unique. We rely on an unparalleled fan base. Thanks to Live Story, we can build relationships founded on authentic storytelling that our fans can relate to


VR|46 is the apparel brand founded by Valentino Rossi, a legend in Grand Prix motorcycle racing.


VR|46 has an incredible fan base and unique story to tell, but it needed a smart solution to do it. The content was dispersed in very crowded hashtags (used by the supporters of Valentino).


Using a bright yellow sticker, the brand solicited who bought a product to post with the hashtag #VR46tribe. That content, gathered and displayed through Live Story, enhanced the level of engagement and improved the brand awareness in the community.

Fun fact. Fans got so well accustomed to it that they even keep the stickers on their products to showcase that they’re authentic and that they’re part of the #VR46tribe