Activate your content.

Live Story is your tool
for editorial commerce.

Our platform aggregates existing and user generated content.

We editorialize it and make that content live, multi-channel, and shoppable.

Our design-forward approach seamlessly integrates into your digital platforms:

  • easy to use
  • easy to customize
  • easy to engage

Live Story Solutions

Editorial Commerce

  • Mix, match, move, and merge content, creating a layout unique to your strategy
  • Boosts actionable engagement through editorialized, curated content with shoppable capabilities.
  • Measure success the best with Live Story’s comprehensive analytics tools

Digital Campaigns

  • Create actionable, product-forward mood walls to guide consumers toward conversion or engagement.
  • Integrate all your social channels to present a solid messaging front from every user angle

Live Events

  • Collect and aggregate UGC and influencer content from events and other live experiences
  • Make content and product from live events immediately traceable and shoppable

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