Live Story is your
no code web experience
management platform

Design online layouts free handedly, with brand and user generated content.

  • unparalleled creative freedom for all
  • cut development time
  • unleash remote collaboration

Live Story Solutions

Content Management

  • Surprisingly intuitive. Create unique layouts, with absolutely no coding required
  • Skip development dependencies and build a future ready remote design process
  • Leverage our built-in integrations with Adobe Commerce, BigCommerce, Shopify, WordPress and Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Digital Campaigns

  • Create actionable, product-forward mood walls, updated constantly by your e-commerce catalog to guide consumers towards engagement and conversion
  • Integrate all your social channels to present a solid messaging front from every user angle

Live Events

  • Build anticipation for upcoming events and product releases with countdowns.
  • Make content and product from live events immediately traceable and shoppable

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